On Wednesday, August 8th, I shall be seeing my whole life pass before me at a special evening concert in The Ham Marquee as part of Sidmouth Folk Week. I had innocently agreed to this idea quite a while before I realised it would coincide with my sixtieth birthday. Please keep that to yourself, as I am not very keen on public birthday celebrations of this kind, and the last thing I would want to look forward to would be a tentfull of messengers bearing gifts!

Specially for the occasion, we shall be re-uniting The John Kirkpatrick Band - the concert band I toured with in the mid-1990s - featuring Dave Berry, Paul Burgess, Michael Gregory, and Graeme Taylor. We shall be doing the whole of the second half of the concert, with a selection of folk rock classics and a bewildering variety of other stuff. Sadly, the two albums we made for Fledg'ling Records are both now unavailable, but it is hoped that eventually they will be re-released as a two-for-one package.

With any luck, there will some gorgeous ladies joining us on backing vocals on a few songs.

The first half will consist of solo numbers, supported by appearances from Martin Carthy, in non-Brass Monkey mode, my fellow Sultan of Squeeze, Chris Parkinson, and a re-union of some of Umps & Dumps from the 1970s, with John Tams and Derek Pearce. Messrs Tams & Pearce will also be jumping up for a song in Part Two, along with Barry Coope.

25 May 2007:  JK FLOODS AIR WAVES!
Next Tuesday, May 29th, I shall be making a brief appearance on Radio 4's "Making History" programme at 3.00 p.m. I shall be cunningly disguised an an expert on the concertina and its use on board sailing ships in the good old days. This is following on from a previous item where they trotted out the myth, largely inspired by the stories of Captain Pugwash, that no sailor would leave shore without a concertina in his kit-bag to accompany his shanties and what-not. An irate listener wrote in saying this wasn't so, and I am the sage being wheeled out to back up their views.

History will be made in more ways than one, as I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've had to talk and play the concertina with the phone rammed into my neck. Watch out for next season's smash hit - "The Concertinist Contortionist".

Obviously an essential listen for all enthusiasts of the concertina, or of shanties, or of pirates, or just people who like their entertainment in joined up sentences! It will be available on Listen Again, in case you can't believe what you're hearing the first time.

Big apologies to all folkies around St Neots in Cambridgeshire, as I was overwhelmed with coughs, colds, and sore throats and had to pull out of my appearance at the folk club there last Tuesday.

Roger Pitt, the organiser, was very understanding, and I am almost certain that we've put in a replacement gig in December, when I shall be doing my aggressivly festive "Carolling & Crumpets" show.

See the "Forthcoming Gigs" section for details.

Sharon Shannon has withdrawn from a few dates in the South West of England because of problems with the promoter - the same one who cancelled Cornwall's Equinox Fayre at very short notice last September.

In order not to completely abandon lovers of the squeezebox around the Lyme Regis area, The Marine Theatre have now booked Mr K for a replacement solo concert on Saturday April 28th. See the forthcoming gig list for details.