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John Kirkpatrick, 2022
Feldg'ling Records, FLED 3112
In stock
  1. Stir the Fire
  2. Our Jolly Wassail
  3. The Handling of your Sword
  4. Papa Stour Sword Dance Tune
  5. The Trees are all Bare
  6. The Ivy and the Holly
  7. Brightest and Best
  8. Shepherds in Their Field A-Biding
  9. Emmanuel
  10. The Joys of Mary
  11. The Joys of Joseph
  12. Joy and Jubilation
  13. God Rest You Merry
  14. Chariots

A brand new CD of songs relating to Midwinter and Christmas, half featuring JK solo, and half enhanced with massive harmonies from The Bishop’s Castle Carollers. Glorious seasonal fare, with just one toe-tapping instrumental track.

Image of The Folk Songs of Shropshire   THE FOLK SONGS OF SHROPSHIRE
John Kirkpatrick, 2014
South West Shropshire Historical and Archaeological Society, SWSHAS Extract
In stock

Reprint of an article by JK in the South West Shropshire Historical and Archaeological Society's Journal, Volume 25, 2014. 16 page A 5 booklet telling the history of discovering Folk Songs in the county, with several photos and illustrations. No words or music, but it tells you where to find them.

Image of The Anglo Concertina Music of John Kirkpatrick   THE ANGLO CONCERTINA MUSIC OF JOHN KIRKPATRICK
Gary Coover, 2021
Rollston Press
In stock

Over 70 tunes that John plays, transcribed by Gary Coover onto the 30 button Anglo in C and G. Musical notation supported by fingering charts, tablature, discography, biography, and a load of other information, with John’s articles on How To Play The Anglo from the 1970’s and a few other words of wisdom from the man himself.

Image of The John Kirkpatrick Badge   THE JOHN KIRKPATRICK BADGE
In stock

Hand crafted pewter badge with a pin, made by Chameleon Arts to a design by Dave Armitage from the 1970s, based on an original idea by JK. Approximate diameter 1 1/5th inches, or 3 centimetres, comes in a jewellery box 2 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch.

Image of The Severn Suite   THE SEVERN SUITE
John Kirkpatrick, Karen Tweed, 2007
TASC, ISBN 978-0-9556537-0-4
In stock

The book of the suite of new dances and tunes devised for the village of Llandinam, Powys, by John Kirkpatrick and Karen Tweed. Commissioned and published by TASC in 2007. Fourteen Tunes, ten dances, with instructions and a rehearsal CD of the music, played by John and Karen, at the correct dance length.

Image of Rouse ye Women   ROUSE YE WOMEN
Written by John Kirkpatrick, 2020
Townsend Productions
Temporarily out of stock

The CD of songs written by John Kirkpatrick for the folk opera by Neil Gore and toured by Townsend Productions, telling the story of Mary MacArthur and the strike by the women chain-makers of the Black Country in 1910. Performed by the original cast from the 2019 show - Rowan Godel, Bryony Purdue, and Neil Gore. (JK is not on it!)

John Kirkpatrick and others, 2016
Stick in the Wheel, SITW005
In stock

Seventeen tracks by seventeen solo singers, including Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Jon Boden, Lisa Knapp, Sam Lee, and JK, as well as one each from Stick In The Wheels’s Nicola Kearey and Fran Foote.

Image of Coat-Tails Flying   COAT-TAILS FLYING
John Kirkpatrick, 2017
Fledg'ling Records, FLED 3104
In stock
  1. Come All You Jolly Ploughboys
  2. On The Quarter Deck
  3. The Hi Ho Hare
  4. The Middle Of The World
  5. The Captain With The Whiskers
  6. Bum She Addity
  7. My Soul Is Drowned in Sorrow
  8. Harry Tuffin’s Musical Ride / Golden Greenery
  9. The Green Mossy Banks Of The Lee
  10. The House That Jack Built
  11. Sing A Full Song
  12. Ranging The Woods
  13. See Me Dance The Polka
  14. Blue Moon

A new CD with JK in buoyant mood - loads of songs and just two instrumental tracks. All noises made by Mr K, including some big choral backing vocals and wild outbursts of frenzied percussion.

Image of A New Ground   A NEW GROUND
Home Service, 2016
Dotted Line, DLCD002
In stock
  1. Kellingley
  2. The Last Tommy
  3. Papa Joe's Polka
  4. Arthur McBride / Chaconne
  5. A New Ground
  6. Wallbreaker
  7. Dirt, Dust, Lorries and Noise
  8. The King's Hut
  9. Melting
  10. Ten Pound Lass / The Skies Turned Grey
  11. Cheeky Capers

JK joins a newly-regrouped Home Service band, taking over the lead vocal role and adding his inimitably masterful accordion.

Image of Tunes from the Trenches   TUNES FROM THE TRENCHES
John Kirkpatrick, 2015
Fledg’ling Records, FLED 3099
In stock
  1. Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag / It’s a Long, long Way to Tipperary
  2. The Squaddie in London
  3. Old Joe Mills
  4. Lloyd George’s Beer
  5. Cleanin’ My Rifle (and Dreamin’ of You)
  6. The Thing-Ummy-Bob (That’s Going to Win The War)
  7. Here’s To The Mums and Dads
  8. I Didn’t Raise My Boy to be a Soldier
  9. Down Forget-Me-Not Lane / They Can’t Black Out The Moon / When They Sound The Last All Clear
  10. Run, Rabbit, Run
  11. Would You Rather be a Colonel? / Sister Susie’s Sewing Shirts for Soldiers
  12. Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye / (We’re Gonna Hang Out) The Washing on The Siegfried Line / Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major / Bugle Call – “Rouse” / Browned Off
  13. Never Mind The Food Controller
  14. The Dying Soldier
  15. Keep The Home Fires Burning / The Last Long Mile

The CD of John’s new show of Songs from the First and Second World Wars. Popular Songs from the time, and some parodies sung by the troops. JK’s four sons join him on some massive unison choruses.

Image of Brass Monkey - the best of live - 30th Anniversary Celebrations   BRASS MONKEY - THE BEST OF LIVE - 30TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS
Brass Monkey, 2013
Park Records, PRKCD125
In stock
  1. The Old Grenadier
  2. The Swinton May Song
  3. George’s Son
  4. Morris Tune / The Rose / Trunkles
  5. The Jolly Bold Robber
  6. The Trowie Burn
  7. The Friar in the Well
  8. Auretti’s Dutch Skipper / An Adventure at Margate / The Spirit of the Dance
  9. The Lichfield Tattoo / The Radstock Jig / The Quickstep from ‘The Battle Of Prague’
  10. The Brisk Young Widow
  11. The Maid of Australia
  12. The King’s Hunt
  13. Soldier, Soldier / The Flowers of Edinburgh [DVD Only]
  14. Willie the Waterboy
  15. Happy Hours
  16. The Duke of Wellington’s March
  17. The Maid & the Palmer
  18. The Queen’s Birthday / Maiden Lane

A double dose of live recordings - CD + DVD - capturing the revitalised six-piece band on tour in April 2012. The two trumpets lead a glorious trawl through Brass Monkey's past catalogue, climaxing with the stunning new showstopper "The King's Hunt".

Image of Every Mortal Place   EVERY MORTAL PLACE
John Kirkpatrick, 2012
Fledg'ling Records, FLED 3089
In stock
  1. Wednesday Night; The Great Eastern Polka
  2. The Packman's Staff
  3. Lord Randal
  4. Soul, Soul
  5. Sweet Swansea
  6. Shrewsbury Quarry; The Shrewsbury Lasses; The Shrewsbury Rakes
  7. John Barleycorn
  8. Under The Leaves Of Life
  9. New Dancers; The Bateuse; The What D'ye Call It
  10. Old Father Fox
  11. Tommy Suet's Ball
  12. A Shropshire Lad
  13. The Shropshire Militia Hornpipe
  14. The Pompalarie Jig
  15. While Shepherds Watched

A whole CD devoted to the traditional folk music of Shropshire, where John has lived since 1973. Four instrumental tracks and eleven songs featuring voice and squeezebox, with some big harmonies on a few choruses provided by JK and Sally Kirkpatrick, and a beautiful sleeve design by David Suff.

Image of God Speed The Plough   GOD SPEED THE PLOUGH
John Kirkpatrick, 2011
Fledg'ling Records, FLED 3084
In stock
  1. The First Of May
  2. The Threshing Machiners
  3. The Wassailing Bowl
  4. Peas, Beans And Oats
  5. Bean Setters / Bean Planting
  6. The Carter's Song
  7. Sheeover Birds
  8. Polly's Father
  9. Drink, Boys, Drink
  10. The Oxen Ploughing
  11. The Sweet Month Of May
  12. Speed The Plough
  13. God Speed The Plough
  14. The Grumbling Farmers
  15. What's The Life Of A Man?
  16. The Farmer's Boy

The CD of John's new one-man village hall show - "The Victorian Farmer's Year in Song" - a selection of traditional songs celebrating the work on the farm and those who did it. Solo voice and squeezebox with some big chorus harmonies by JK and Sally Kirkpatrick, and two instrumental items.

Image of Jump at the Sun   JUMP AT THE SUN
The John Kirkpatrick Tunebook, 2010
Quarry House Publishing
In stock
  1. Above the Bank
  2. Accordionism
  3. An Unexpected Pleasure
  4. April Fool
  5. As The Sun Was Setting
  6. Beast of Burden
  7. Beating The Oak
  8. Benders in the Vestry
  9. Black Jack
  10. Black Stallion, The
  11. Blossom Made of Fire
  12. Boar Hunters, The
  13. Bobby Shafto Gone Bonkers
  14. Bread and Jam Waltzer
  15. Bridget's Delight and Fancy
  16. Broken Rifle, The
  17. Burning The Water
  18. Canon Fodder
  19. Canone Cannelloni
  20. Canonical Monocle, The
  21. Charabanc Schottische, The
  22. Chomping The Barley
  23. Chuntering Charlie
  24. Citroen Took Unleaded After All, The
  25. Cocking The Chafer
  26. Coconut Waltz
  27. Dance of the Demon Daffodils, The
  28. Dark Queen, The
  29. Devil Among The Tailors, The
  30. Duck Race, The
  31. Dummy Head
  32. Family of Foxes, The
  33. Fifty-Five Thousand and Five
  34. Find The Lady
  35. Fishing on a Bicycle
  36. Fits and Starts
  37. Following The Banner
  38. Footing The Bill
  39. Fork Stuck Under The Door, The
  40. Forty-Nine Thousand and Three
  41. Four Lane End
  42. Freda Chucked a Sock
  43. Frolicking on the Prom
  44. Fulham by Gaslight
  45. Fulham Gasworks
  46. Gas Almost Works, The
  47. George's Fairground Waltz
  48. Gigue
  49. Golden Cornpipe, The
  50. Golden Greenery
  51. Great Gusto
  52. Green Man, The
  53. Hafren Hornpipe and a Half, The
  54. Haggling The Toss
  55. Hammersmith Flyover, The
  56. Harry Tuffin's Musical Ride
  57. Hauling Down The Line
  58. Henceforward Lover, The
  59. Horse Goddess, The
  60. Hunting the Deer
  61. Jamieson's Farewell
  62. Jubilee Clip, The
  63. Jump At The Sun
  64. Kerlebbeddy's Hat-Trick
  65. King's Sadness, The
  66. Knucklebone Jenny
  67. Laird of Dunlour, The
  68. Lavena
  69. Leaping Jack
  70. Living in Sin
  71. March Hare Mazurka, The
  72. Mazurka Berserker
  73. Ménage à Trois
  74. Mob-Cap and Patchwork
  75. Mr Gubbins' Bicycle
  76. Mrs Fox Dances
  77. Nipper
  78. Nodrog's Woofing Waltz
  79. Nutcrackers and The Sugartongs, The
  80. Olive Branch, The
  81. Oliver Twist
  82. On Pulling Down the Rail of Parky's Shower Curtain
  83. On The War Path
  84. One Armed Bandit, The
  85. Palindrome Polka, The
  86. Pepper In The Brandy
  87. Petal of Spice
  88. Picking of Sticks
  89. Pickpocket's Mazurka, The
  90. Pig on a Tricycle, The
  91. Pig-Swill Quadrille, The
  92. Pineapple Patch, The
  93. Pleasure Gardens Polka, The
  94. Prasutagus
  95. Puddleglum's Misery
  96. Putney Reach
  97. Queen of Hearts, The
  98. Raddled Tup, The
  99. Ragged Robin Rag
  100. Rant of The Rushing River
  101. Rat-a-Tat Polka, The
  102. Rosy Cheeks and Purple Bloomers
  103. Round-Bottomed Wok, The
  104. Saucy Sue
  105. Scraping The Mould Off The Marmalade
  106. Seven-Coloured Linnet, The
  107. Severn Up
  108. Shiner
  109. Shreds and Patches
  110. Singing Devil, The
  111. Sleazy-Beat Three-Step, The
  112. Sleeping King, The
  113. Slippery Toast
  114. So There I Was
  115. Source of The Thames, The
  116. St Llonio's March
  117. Sweet and Lovely
  118. Swirling Serpent, The
  119. Swn-y-Coed Waltz
  120. This Way Up
  121. Three Piece Suite
  122. Three Shepherds, The
  123. Three Speed Plough, The
  124. Threepenny Ha'penny Treacle
  125. Top Sawyer's Tripling Tensome
  126. Tripping to the Quintles
  127. Tristan and Iseult
  128. Tristan's Wedding
  129. Trout in the Crown, The
  130. Tun Dish, The
  131. Tuppenny Two-Step, The
  132. Unchristmas
  133. Uncle Jeremy's Winking Rabbit
  134. Waterddy Lane
  135. Welsh Fisherwoman, The
  136. Windfall Polka, The
  137. Wizard in the Mist, The
  138. Wriggley Tin Tattoo, The

Over 130 original compositions (plus a handful of tantalising “Additives”) suitable for all melody instruments, grouped according to tune type, and with chords throughout, plus a Discography and Index. 80 pages in A4 size, with a staple binding and heavy coated paper to fold flat for easy use.

Image of The Dance of the Demon Daffodils   THE DANCE OF THE DEMON DAFFODILS
John Kirkpatrick, 2009
Fledg'ling Records, FLED 3075
In stock
  1. The Dance Of The Demon Daffodils
  2. The Black Stallion / Prasutagus
  3. The Three Piece Suite
  4. Leaping Jack / Living In Sin / Great Gusto
  5. Puddleglum's Misery / Accordionism / Jump At The Sun
  6. Chomping The Barley / The Rat-A-Tat Polka / Benders In The Vestry
  7. The Henceforward Lover
  8. The Three Speed Plough / The Hafren Hornpipe And A Half Unchristmas
  9. The Source Of The Thames
  10. Kerlebbeddy's Hat-Trick / The Singing Devil / The Pineapple Patch
  11. Petal Of Spice / Blossom Made Of Fire
  12. Mrs Fox Dances / The Trout In The Crown
  13. Shiner
  14. Hunting The Deer / The Boar Hunters
  15. Footing The Bill / An Unexpected Pleasure
  16. The Fork Stuck Under The Door / Fishing On A Bicycle

A solo instrumental CD consisting entirely of tunes composed by the artist, and performed on the full range of push-pull squeezeboxes. A shameless advert for the JK Tunebook due to be published soon.

Image of Head of Steam   HEAD OF STEAM
Brass Monkey, 2009
Topic Records, TSCD 575
Not currently available
  1. The Moldavian Schottische / The Snowdrop Polka
  2. The Press Gang
  3. The Barbados Lady
  4. Lichfield Tattoo / The Radstock Jig / The Quickstep from “The Battle of Prague”
  5. The Trees They Do Grow High
  6. Banbury Bill / The Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket / The Beaux of London City / Hunt the Squirrel
  7. Bold Archer / Dearest Dicky
  8. The Red Lion Hornpipe / Peckett’s Hornpipe / The Welch Hornpipe
  9. The Loss of The Ramilles
  10. Nelson, The Fallen Hero / The Death of Nelson

A new selection of traditional English songs and tunes, with JK, Martin Carthy, Martin Brinsford, Roger Williams, and introducing new trumpeter Paul Archibald.

Image of Carolling & Crumpets   CAROLLING & CRUMPETS
John Kirkpatrick, 2006
Fledg'ling Records, FLED 3060
In stock
  1. The Wassail Cup Carol
  2. The Jovial Tinker
  3. The Holly & The Ivy
  4. Chuckling Hens
  5. That Great Christmas Pud
  6. The Boar's Head Carol
  7. The Pig On A Tricycle
  8. Carolling & Crumpets
  9. The Cherry Tree Carol
  10. Hey For Christmas, Or The Shropshire Wakes
  11. The Sherbourne Mummers' Song
  12. Jogging Along With My Reindeer
  13. The Pantomime Schottische
  14. The Miner's Dream Of Home / The Bells
  15. Rolling Downward

A new selection of traditional and self-penned songs and carols connected with Christmas and mid-winter, with a few choruses in full harmony supplied by the artiste and Sally Kirkpatrick. Otherwise solo voice and squeezebox on fifteen joyfully seasonal tracks, including two instrumental items.

Image of The Duck Race   THE DUCK RACE
John Kirkpatrick, 2004
Fledg'ling Records, FLED 3043
In stock
  1. Bluff King Hal
  2. The Dancing Oolert / The Jubilee Clip
  3. Fair Play / Travellers’ Joy
  4. Old Towler / Sawdl Y Fuwch
  5. The Herefordshire Lasses / The Buffoon
  6. Shreds and Patches
  7. The Middle Road / The Daisy Chain
  8. Bainis
  9. Gazebo Trot / Brivitting in the Cauliflowers
  10. John Locke’s Polka / Such a Getting Upstairs I never Did See / Polly Put The Kettle On / Speed The Plough
  11. The Waterloo Dance
  12. The One Armed Bandit
  13. Stretching With Edward / Pontylinks
  14. April Fool
  15. Ted
  16. The Brecon Hornpipe / Capturing Camilla
  17. The Duck Race

A second helping of Shropshire Morris Dance Tunes from the repertoire of The Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish. Solo performances on one-row and two-row melodeons and anglo concertina, with a little bit of studio trickery sneaked in. The follow-up to "Sheepskins".

Image of Mazurka Berserker   MAZURKA BERSERKER
John Kirkpatrick, 2001
Fledg'ling Records, FLED 3030
In stock
  1. Bold Keeper
  2. The Citroen Took Unleaded after all
  3. There Stands a Cottage
  4. Black Bess
  5. Fain I Would
  6. Tripping To The Quintles
  7. Dust To Dust
  8. Nodrog’s Woofing Waltz
  9. The Gown So Green
  10. The March of The Siamese Children
  11. Belinda Brown
  12. The Dance of The Jews / Lebedik un Freylekh
  13. The Song of The Weaver
  14. The Pickpocket’s Mazurka / Mazurka Berserker

An equal number of songs and instrumentals, traditional and self-composed, many of them duets with other musicians, featuring contributions from James Fagan & Nancy Kerr, Alistair Anderson, Bob Johnson, Kevin Dempsey, Dave Swarbrick, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, Ray Fisher, and Hijaz Mustapha.

Image of Going and Staying   GOING AND STAYING
Brass Monkey, 2001
Topic Records, TSCD 531
Not currently available
  1. Put The Road In Order
  2. The Doffing Mistress
  3. The Cornish Quickstep / The Pleasure Gardens Polka
  4. The Pigeon On The Gate / The Primrose Lass
  5. Heather Down The Moor
  6. The Holborne Suite – The Fruit of Love / The Choise / The Honie-Suckle
  7. A Maiden Sat A-weeping
  8. Gathering Peascods / The Rose Tree / Jerusalem
  9. The Crockery Ware
  10. Four Bacup Tunes
  11. Going and Staying

A new recording of mainly traditional material, with JK, Martin Carthy, Martin Brinsford, Howard Evans, and BOTH trombonists – Richard Cheetham and Roger Williams. Some massive brass arrangements.

Image of One Man & His Box   ONE MAN & HIS BOX
John Kirkpatrick, 1998
Music & Words, MWCD 4024
Temporarily out of stock
  1. The Windfall Polka / Haggling The Toss
  2. Go To A Little More School
  3. Here’s Adieu To Old England
  4. Half and Half
  5. Do Me Ama
  6. The Fair Maid On The Shore
  7. Young Edwin In The Lowlands Low
  8. The Blue Joak / The Spanish Gypsy
  9. Sweet Prospect
  10. The Bristol Sailorman / Will The Waggoner
  11. Annan Side
  12. Underneath Your Apron
  13. Prince William of Gloucester’s Waltz
  14. Sweet and Lovely / Jump At The Sun
  15. Bogie’s Bonny Belle
  16. Once I Loved A Maiden Fair / The Hole In The Wall / Amaryllis
  17. Fits and Starts
  18. Daughters of the Revolution
  19. The Bells
  20. The Sleazy-Beat Three-Step

For the first time, a selection of songs and tunes, all solo, exactly as if live. Twenty tracks, mostly traditional with multi-tracking on just two.

Image of Sheepskins   SHEEPSKINS
John Kirkpatrick, 1993
Music & Words, MWCD 4002
In stock
  1. Last Night With Archie
  2. Three Jolly Black Sheepskins
  3. Mad Moll of The Cheshire Hunts / The Lively Jig
  4. Over The Moon / Bonnets So Blue
  5. Grafting In The Drencher / Beating The Oak
  6. Dick The Welshman
  7. Todley Tom / The Blue Eyed Stranger / Waterddy Lane / The Tun Dish / The Maiden’s Prayer
  8. Turn Again Martha / Churning Butter
  9. The Abram Circle Dance
  10. The Raddled Tup / Hunting The Squirrel
  11. Not For Joe
  12. Four Lane End / Cocking The Chafer / Threepenny Ha’penny Treacle
  13. Martha’s Comet
  14. Three Hand Reel / The Green and Yellow Handkerchief Dance
  15. The Prince of Wales / The Morning Star
  16. Half a Farthing Candle / The Hindley Circle Dance

First released as a Squeezer cassette (SQZC 125) in 1988. Morris Dance music from Shropshire, the repertoire of the Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish. Solo performances on bass, baritone and treble anglo concertinas plus one-row and two-row melodeons.

Image of What do you do in the Day?   WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE DAY?
John Kirkpatrick, 2000
Quarry House Publishing
In stock
  1. The Arbor Tree Song
  2. As The Sun Was Setting
  3. Black Against The Snow
  4. Belinda Brown
  5. The Bishop’s Castle Rushbearing Carol
  6. Black Bess
  7. Bonfire Night
  8. Black Deer
  9. Blue Balloon
  10. The Bride’s Song
  11. Chariots
  12. Dan The Dustman
  13. Dirt, Dust, Lorries and Noise
  14. Dog’s Gone Wild
  15. Dust To Dust
  16. Don’t Shoot – I’m Wearing My Seat Belt
  17. Eddie Baker’s Muckspreader
  18. Fill ‘Em Up Rosie
  19. George’s Son
  20. The Golden Grain
  21. Have A Little Drink
  22. Here I Am
  23. A Hole In My Heart
  24. In The Dreamtime
  25. Jogging Along With Me Reindeer
  26. King Neptune’s Lament
  27. Laundroloverette
  28. A Length Of Yarn
  29. The Man And Woman Dancing
  30. Manito
  31. On The Road To Freedom
  32. Mother Earth
  33. Saint George
  34. Noah
  35. Old King Coal
  36. Our Bit Of Countryside
  37. A Ride In The Country
  38. Sally Was Singing A Song Of The Sea
  39. Sing A Full Song
  40. Stir The Fire
  41. Tunnel Of Love
  42. The Sunshine Miners
  43. Welcome To Hell
  44. What Do Doggies Do When They Get Bogies Up Their Nose?
  45. What Do You Do In The Day?
  46. A Women’s Song
  47. Arthur – A Monologue
  48. The Rattling Cannister Man
  49. The Breathalyser

The John Kirkpatrick Songbook

48 original songs plus one monologue - words, melodies, chords, notes on the songs, a biography, and a discography. 118 pages in A4 size with a spiral binding.

Image of How to play the English Melodeon   HOW TO PLAY THE ENGLISH MELODEON
John Kirkpatrick, 2006
Mrs Casey Records, MCRDVD 6002
Not currently available

Double DVD box
PAL format only

Originally published as a series of three tutorial videos, this has now been repackaged into a single box with two DVDs. The programme gives you a complete one-to-one lesson, starting from absolute scratch and ending up out beyond Mars! No musical notation, no complicated tablatures, and no impossible diagrams – this is teaching by ear and by sight, using, for the first time on a tuition video, traditional English tunes and songs.

Keeping the running order of the three videos - with over forty sections in all, split into equal parts over the two discs and directly accessible from the main menus - the DVD format allows for further precisely timed sub-sections and clearly labelled titles as each new tune is introduced.

NB: Available only in PAL format. The disc will play on PAL format DVD players/TVs in the UK and Europe, but not normally on NTSC format systems in the USA, Canada or Japan. It should, however, play on any computer system wherever you live.

The original descriptions were as follows:

VOLUME 1, MCRV 9991, 1999
What a melodeon is, where the notes are, getting the two sides playing together, all the basic dance rhythms, a long look at dynamics and ornamentation, and a thorough exploration of the possibilities of sticking to one row. 82 minutes.

VOLUME 2, MCRV 9992, 1999
Secrets Revealed – discovering the wider musical potential of the two-row melodeon – playing three or more chords, looking at minor scales and modes, changing key, crossing the rows, and making full use of the basses. 60 minutes.

VOLUME 3, MCRV 1004, 2001
The Masterclass – How to achieve clarity at speed, and a long look at chords on the right hand, both as accompaniment and as rhythmic stabs under a tune, with advice on how to get the fullest effects in minor keys, and hint at chords that aren’t there. 56 minutes.

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