John Kirkpatrick has been playing push-pull squeezeboxes since he took up the melodeon in 1961. If you would like lessons exploring the mysteries of these beasts, you could not find a teacher with more experience.

One-to-one online lessons now available via Zoom or Skype.

  • Anglo concertina
  • Single row melodeon
  • Two row G/D eight bass melodeon
  • B/C/C sharp button accordion
  • Song accompaniments
  • Accordion left hand

N.B. The accordion left hand applies to the normal layout you find on most accordions - the “Stradella” basses, as opposed to Free Bass. You need a large enough instrument to have rows of bass and counter-bass (i.e. a major third above the bass note) in most if not all of the keys.

The first lesson is an hour and a half, all other lessons one hour.

£40.00 per lesson, payable by BACS on receipt of an invoice from John immediately after the lesson.

Six lessons at the reduced rate of £200.00, payable after the first lesson.

Contact me to discuss a mutually convenient time, and book your lesson.