Morris Dancing

I've been actively involved in Morris Dancing since I joined The Hammersmith Morris Men in 1959. In 1975 I started a new team to explore the previously neglected repertoire of the Welsh Border Morris, and The Shropshire Bedlams were born. These articles, written over quite a number of years, will tell you about the history and development of the team, and our companion group of women dancers, Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish.

For the current programme and contacts for the teams, see their website at

The Shropshire Bedlams
1979 Bordering on the insane English Dance & Song
2000 Border Morris - Roots & Revival American Morris Newsletter
2000 The Shropshire Bedlams American Morris Newsletter
2000 Responses to Border Morris
Roots & Revival
American Morris Newsletter
2001 Preamble to Interview... American Morris Newsletter
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