11 Apr 2007:  "MAKE NO BONES" - The track listing. Now available!
CD 1

1. St George
2. Here's to Coalport China/
The Ironbridge Hornpipe
3. The Farmers and The Cow
4. King George the Third's Minuet/
Valentine's Day
5. The Wild, Wild Berry
6. The Nutcrackers and The Sugartongs
7. Cold Blows The Wind
8. We Be Come A-Shroving
9. Fish and Bird
10. St David's Day/
St Patrick's Day in the Morning/
St George's Day

CD 2

1. Uncle Jeremy's Winking Rabbit/
Above the Bank
2. Nelson's Death and Victory
3. The Nobleman's Wedding
4. Tristan and Iseult/
The Dark Queen
5. On Yonder Old Oak
6. Lord Bateman
7. Freda Chucked a Sock/
Scraping the Mould off the Marmalade
8. I Wanna Go Twang
(But I Just Go Tooraloo)

It's out! "Make No Bones", on Fledg'ling Records, is now available through the merchandising pages on this website. Eighteen tracks spread over two CDs, all for the price a normal single CD release!
The full track listing will appear here when we've got a minute, but meanwhile take advantage of this unique early opportunity to buy a record that isn't officially released until St George's Day!

Those of you whose breath has been bated ever since you first read the news here (in July last year) about the release of live recordings of the Richard & Linda Thompson Band from 1975 - well, keep it bated for a bit longer! David Suff, of Fledg'ling Records, has supervised the mixing of tracks from three different gigs from the autumn of that year, where Richard & Linda's Band was Dave Pegg on bass, Dave Mattacks on drums, and JK on button accordion and concertina. This was the first year I'd played with them live, so I dare say you can hear me trying to work out just what a twelve-bar sequence was in the unrehearsed rock'n'roll workouts. A bit different from the morris dance licks I was used to!

Richard has given the project his blessing, although he has not got involved in any of the decisions, but Linda has listened in to give her support to Mr Suff's work. The album is set for release this summer, not on Fledg'ling as was originally planned, but on Universal Records, who own the recordings.

It was from these sessions that a couple of tracks appeared on the 1976 double album "Guitar, Vocal".

More news as we get it................

"MAKE NO BONES" is a set of new recordings of JK's current repertoire, with each CD of the pair representing one half of a typical evening's performance. There are no extra musicians, and no studio extravagances - this is just what you get when you see John live - solo voice and squeezebox.

Release date is set for St George's Day - 23rd April - which is no coincidence as the album includes the recent re-working of John's song "St George", as well as a new arrangement of the traditional dance tune "St George's Day". And the cover features a brightly coloured mediaeval depiction of St George doing his business with the dragon.

There are eighteen tracks altogether, including an unaccompanied "Lord Bateman" which clocks in at well under twelve minutes. Full details of the track listing will be announced on this site as soon as we have the records to sell in a few weeks. The double CD will be offered for sale at just the same price as a normal single CD, so keep your eyes glued here for the earliest chance to snap up this fabulous bargain!

MAKE NO BONES Fledg'ling Records FLED 3065