After months of absolutely no news, it will come as a shock to all readers of this website that the discography section has now been brought up to date. Well, up till the end of 2007 at any rate.

Every effort will be made to bring the other sections up to date soon as well, including even the "Gig History", which has never shown any sign of life whatsoever!

The good people of Three Degrees West, who design and maintain the website, have recently tweaked the site so that it works better in all web browsers, and now conforms with the WC3 web coding standards.

If anyone reading this has any idea what that last bit means, please keep it to yourself, and, above all, don't take it as an invitation to enter into a full and frank discussion about websites and their properties. Let's hang onto a little mystery.......

12 Sep 2007:  Illness strikes!
Big apologies to any fans who turned up at my advertised gigs at Walthamstow and Leigh-on-Sea recently. After a very hectic month of festival gigs in August I collapsed in a bit of a heap slightly, lost my voice, and was for a while a very limp lettuce. The club organisers were very understanding, and replacement dates have now been fixed.

Sorry, folks!

13 Jul 2007:  "PLAIN CAPERS" - IT'S OUT!
Free Reed Records have finally re-issued their 1976 LP of Cotswold Morris Dance Music, played by an acoustic band consisting of Fi Fraser, Sue Harris, Martin Carthy, Martin Brinsford, and JK. It was available as a CD on the Topic label for a few years, but has been out of print for some time now.

As well as the original fifteen tracks, there are two bonus items. One is my contribution to the 1999 EFDSS CD "Absolutely Classic - The Music of William Kimber" (EFDSS CD 03). This is the Headington Quarry tune "Laudnum Bunches" treated as a total squeezebox fest, starting on the solo Anglo concertina and ending piled up with just about everything I play.

The other bonus is a DVD version of the film made by Jon Cousins about the cover photo of The Gloucestershire Old Spot Morris Dancers, with a bit about their history and what everyone's done since, and a re-staging of exactly the same photo, in exactly the same place, with most of the same people, many years later.

Plain Capers will probably not appear on the merchandising pages of this website for a little while, but it is fully available NOW for the fabulous bargain price of 8.00 plus 1.00 p & p.


On the way to Nettlebed Folk Club on June 25th, in full readiness for a gig with The Sultans of Squeeze, my car was overwhelmed by flood water on the road near Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire. It was one of many casualties in that area, and eventually we had to be towed back to a garage, a journey we only just managed to complete even with the extra height of a huge breakdown vehicle. By then it was far too late to make it back to Nettlebed, and poor old Mr Parkinson, who had had the good sense to go down to the vicinity the day before, ended up having to do the evening solo.

Congratulations to Parky on managing to complete his first solo gig for over ten years! And apologies to the few remaining JK fans in that part of the world who may well be feeling a little disgruntled at my feeble behaviour.

My car's been written off, and on the first trip out in the car I had to hire the next day I had a puncture, and was delayed by about two hours while I sorted it out. Cars, eh?