Here at the hub of the Squeezer empire, the board have decided to stop the system whereby we can accept payments for CDs, etc, by credit or debit card. The natty little device that regular fans will have seen Sally whipping out on the record stall just doesn't get the mobile phone signal it requires half the time, and the whole set up is far too expensive to run for the small amount of use it gets.

So from now on, for the time being at least, we can only accept payment in cash or by cheque.

11 Apr 2008:  GOING SPARE - IT'S OUT!
Finally re-issued after many years in the wilderness, the 1978 LP on Free Reed Records is now available on CD, with two extra bonus tracks.

All songs and tunes by John Kirkpatrick, with contributions from Nigel Pegrum, Stewart and Colin Goldring, Bill Caddick, Derek Pearce, Alan Harris, Sue Harris, chorus vocals by Martin Brinsford and Fi Fraser, and, on the two bonus tracks, Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Mattacks, and Dave Foister.

Track listing:

The Gas Almost Works
Dan the Dustman
Saint George
What do Doggies Do when they get
Bogies up their Nose?
Three Slip Jigs
What Do You Do In The Day?
Burning the Water
Jogging Along with my Reindeer
As the Sun was Setting
Eddie Baker's Muckspreader
Pepper in the Brandy

Both sides of the Dingle's single from 1980:

King Neptune's Lament
Jogging Along with my Reindeer

8.00 plus p + p - details on the merchandising pages.

18 Feb 2008:  RECORD NEWS: 2 - HAPPY
JK features on two new CDs appearing soon by prominent female artists.

Thea Gilmore, who was the singer with The Reel & Soul Association when we were spotted on Top of the Pops 2 a few years ago, has a new album coming out shortly called "Liejacker", on the Fulfill label, distributed by Universal. Co-produced by Thea and her buddy Nigel Stonier, it's set for release at the end of March.

Maddy Prior has a new album out around the same time on Park Records. It's just thirty short years since we were in Steeleye Span together! This is a back to basics kind of effort, with a house band consisting of my son, Benji, and Giles Lewin, formerly of Bellowhead and still currently with The Carnival Band. I'm all over a few tracks, and there is a possibility I might join them live for a London gig later in the year if diaries permit. Anyway, the three of them are doing some gigs in March, and again in October.


At last! "GOING SPARE", my LP for Free Reed from 1978, is finally coming out on CD at the end of March. It's a selection of my own songs and tunes, including the classic "What Do Doggies Do When They Get Bogies Up Their Nose?" and even more classic "What Do You Do In The Day?" There will be two bonus tracks as well the original contents of the LP - details here when it's fully available.

18 Feb 2008:  RECORD NEWS: 1 - SAD
Two old friends will be disappearing for ever this year when current stocks run out. If you've been thinking about getting either of these one of these days, then act now, as they won't be around for much longer!

"A SHORT HISTORY OF JOHN KIRKPATRICK" - the Topic compilation from LPs made in the 1970s and 1980s, that first came out as a CD in 1994 (TSCD 473) - is being discontinued.

"THREE IN A ROW - THE ENGLISH MELODEON" - the first LP release on my own Squeezer label in 1984, and re-issued on CD in 1998 by Fledg'ling Records (FLED 3018) is also bound for oblivion.