9 Jan 2011:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
A Happy New Year to all our readers! And I don't know what it's been like where you are, but we've been having a bit of weather lately.

A total of four scheduled gigs had to be cancelled because of the recent wintry conditions, so I offer my apologies to the good people of Durham, Whitstable, Colchester, and Byfield for my dismal non-appearance. There comes a point where sanity and common sense overwhelm the inbuilt showbiz urge for the show to go on!

I hope replacement dates will be in the diary very soon - Colchester Folk Club have already slotted me in in February, and others are in the pipeline.

As always, the "Forthcoming Gigs" section of this website will keep you up to date with the latest information.

I gather that I was advertised to appear at Dennington Village Hall in Suffolk last night - October 16th. I was offered a gig here several months ago, but as it was very close, both in time and geographically, to other appearances in the area, I understood that this date had been postponed, and we were waiting to arrange another gig at Dennington at a more suitable time.

As far as I was concerned, this had all been quite clearly settled some months ago. I am very concerned to hear that my name was still being advertised for this concert, and can only offer my apologies to anybody who went along expecting to see me.

"Jump at the Sun" - the John Kirkpatrick Tunebook - is finally out. 13.00 for 138 tunes over 80 pages - less than 10p per tune!

Quarry House Publishing have decided not to sell copies through the usual array of festival stalls, so for the time being, unless you come to one of my gigs, this is the only place where you can get one. The details won't appear on the Merchandising pages for a while yet, but you can either print off the order form as it is now and add your own requirements, or just post your own order to:
Squeezer, P O BOX 531, Craven Arms, SY9 5WB.

13.00 + 2.00 p+p for the UK, 5.00 p+p outside the UK.

We hope to be joining the PayPal scheme within a few weeks, so that we will be able to accept card payments via the website at the flick of a switch. This will obviously save a lot of palaver, especially if you are coming at us from abroad. But if you can't wait, send that cheque - payable to SQUEEZER and in sterling currency only - now!

"JUMP AT THE SUN" - the John Kirkpatrick Tunebook - should be available for your consumption in early June. After a final session this week with compiler and editor Mick Lynn, of Quarry House Publishing, we agreed it was time to press that button!

The 80 pages contain 138 items - suitable for any melody instrument - arranged in sections according to the dance rhythm involved - Polkas & Reels, Jigs, Slip Jigs, Hornpipes & Schottisches, Triple Hornpipes, Waltzes & Mazurkas - with a Miscellaneous group of slow airs and pieces with whacky time signatures. There are a few pages of tunes specially concocted for The Shropshire Bedlams, and seven "Additives" where the artiste has been precocious enough to add phrases and variations to melodies that may very well have been quite happy as they were. Snuggled amongst these is one co-write with fellow accordion sufferer Karen Tweed. Otherwise - All My Own Work!

Each tune comes with Chords, explanatory notes where required, and you'll also find a discography and a few snaps. The whole things is presented in conventional musical notation, with no weird tablatures to grapple with except in the classical "Gigue", where a symbol shows whether you push or pull on the Anglo concertina.

Watch this space for details of how to get your copy when the book becomes available.