Following the grand success of this year's weekend for Anglo concertina players at Gleanings, in Shropshire, the decision has been made to do it all again next year. This will not be a course suitable for absolute beginners, but if you've been playing for a while, and have an Anglo with, preferably, 30 buttons or more, then come along and discover what chords you can muster, and what to do with them once you've found them.

August 31st - September 2nd 2012.

If you feel that a Shropshire weekend for beginners would be a good idea, please send me a message via this website, and if there are enough takers we'll see if we can find a suitable time.

May 25th - 27th 2012 - Halsway Manor, Somerset.
After years of prevaricating, I am finally leading a weekend of workshops on the very peculiar and particular kind of button accordion that I play - with three melodeon rows on the right hand, in B, C, and C#, and regular "Stradella" accordion basses on the left hand. This will be very instrument specific, and will not be suitable for ordinary melodeons or for players in the two-row Irish style. But we will be looking at the accordion left hand, so some of these sessions will be relevant for players of other types of accordion.

We'll be starting from a very firm base in the kind of Traditional English Folk Music that I play, so the style and approach will be very different from the Scottish Country Dance repertoire made famous by the great Jimmy Shand and his followers. As well as the expected Morris Tunes, Country Dance Tunes, and Folk Songs, we'll be exploring the complexities of playing in all the different keys on this supremely compact instrument, and looking at swathes of repertoire not normally associated with the poor old push-pull squeeze-box.

See the Forthcoming Gig List for details and links - May 25th - 27th 2012.

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"GOD SPEED THE PLOUGH" -- the CD of the new show, "The Victorian Farmer's Year In Song", is now out on the Fledg'ling Record label - FLED 3084.

The album contains a selection of traditional songs arranged and adapted for the show, and apart from two instrumental tracks, the performances all feature solo voice and squeezebox, enhanced with some big chorus harmonies by the artiste and Sally Kirkpatrick - a repeat of the winning formula unleashed on "Carolling & Crumpets".

You can send for it now via the MERCHANDISING pages - and watch out for online payments with PayPal going live in early March.

The First of May / The Thrashing Machiners / The Wassailing Bowl /
Peas. Beans, and Oats / Bean Setters & Bean Planting / The Carter's Song /
Sheeover Birds / Polly's Father / Drink, Boys, Drink / The Oxen Ploughing /
The Sweet Month of May / Speed The Plough / God Speed The Plough /
The Grumbling Farmers / What's The Life Of A Man? / The Farmer's Boy.