The John Kirkpatrick Tune-book is now in preparation, with a view to being released early summer next year. Mick Lynn, of Quarry House Publishing, who produced the song-book "What Do You Do In The Day?" in 2000, is doing all the hard work, with well over a hundred tunes to cram in. By the time it comes out there might be more!

The tune book "Opus Pocus", produced by Dragonfly Music in 1988, did include some JK compositions, along with some other tunes from current repertory, but it has been out of print for many years. Some of the traditional tunes in that book re-appeared in Mally's publication "JK's English Choice".

More news here as we get nearer to the time......................

The series of video tutors that I did for Mrs Casey Music a few years ago has now been re-released as a two DVD set. The full programme from all three films has been split equally between the two discs, with the same running order of over forty sections. The new format allows for precisely timed sub-sections and a timed title as each new tune appears. Even a hardened Luddite like me can see that the DVD is a million times more useful to work with than the old-fashioned eternal spooling back and forth.

I now have copies of the DVD to sell at gigs, or you can get the details about mail order from Mrs Casey via the merchandising pages on this website. Here at the Squeezer offices we just have two copies of volume three of the video still for sale. When they've gone you'll have to see if Mrs Casey have still got any. I don't expect they'll around for long.

"How to play the English Melodeon" - The DVD - MCRDVD6002.

12 Jul 2006:  More news for Thompson fans!
David Suff, who runs Fledg'ling Records, has compiled a CD from live recordings made in 1975 of Richard & Linda Thompson and their band - Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg, and JK. This was the first year that I had played with them on stage, and a handful of gigs were recorded, and then forgotten about - except for the three live tracks which appeared on Richard's double LP "Guitar, Vocal" - Island Records ICD 8, 1976. Originally the new CD, on Island Records, was to have come out quite soon, but Island have mysteriously postponed the release till some time in 2007.

27 Jun 2006:  THE SEVERN SUITE
The set of new ceilidh dances and tunes commissioned by Philip Freeman of TASC, based in Llandinam in mid-Wales, was premiered there on June 10th as part of The Second Seed weekend. Karen Tweed and I had concocted the material, which was performed by a specially assembled group of sixteen dancers from mid-Wales and Shropshire. The music was played by Karen and myself, with local musician Nick Passmore, one or two of the professional guests booked for the weekend, and the New Zealand group "The Chaps" who just happened to be in town.

It all seemed to go swimmingly, and the dancers especially were magnificent! While it's hard to say at the moment what the future might be for The Severn Suite as a performance piece, we are definitely planning to release, in due course, a CD of the music, and a book with the dance instructions, the tunes, and band arrangements. Watch this space for more information.......

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