18 Oct 2006:  British Button Box News
Matthew Wright's three row B/C/C# box, which was advertised here earlier in the year, had now been succeesfully sold to an enthusiast in Hemel Hempstead.

Which prompts me to say that for some time I've been thinking about compiling a list of players of this instrument, and those who are interested in it, in order to have occasional gatherings of some sort, with the chance to commune with like-minded souls and share tunes, tips, and techniques. George Garside and I have started work on a list, and hope to announce more about this before too long.

Meanwhile, if you can't wait, have a look to see what's happening on October 28th next year!

The new CD of Christmas & Midwinter material is out now, and available at gigs and via the merchandise section of this website, even if it doesn't show up there yet! Same price as all the others. It's on Fledg'ling Records - FLED 3060.

My wife Sally joins me to make up a choir on four of the choruses, and the rest are more or less solo performances with voice and squeezebox. A few of the songs are from or connected to Shropshire, some are traditional, some are original compositions, and just two of the tracks are instrumentals.

1. The Wassail Cup Carol
2. The Jovial Tinker
3. The Holly and The Ivy
4. Chuckling Hens
5. That Great Christmas Pud
6. The Boar's Head Carol
7. The Pig on a Tricycle
8. Carolling & Crumpets
9. The Cherry Tree Carol
10. Hey for Christmas, or The Shropshire Wakes
11. The Sherborne Mummers' Song
12. Jogging Along With My Reindeer
13. The Pantomime Schottische
14. The Miner's Dream of Home/ The Bells
15. Rolling Downward

29 Sep 2006:  Concertina in TV ads shock!
There are a few adverts on the telly at the moment featuring a young girl playing a concertina. The ads are for Phones4, and the fabulous soundtrack - almost seconds of it - is played by yours truly. So far I've seen two with snatches of "Auld Lang Syne" and "The Somerset Wassail ". More to come.............

22 Sep 2006:  Equinox Fayre Cancelled
The weekend on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, that was to have taken place September 22nd - 24th at Colliford Lake Park, has been cancelled two days before it was due to start. The reason given was the excessively strong winds that were expected on the site. A full and varied programme of concert acts and other events, including an appearance on the Friday evening by oneself, has simply been scrapped. Bit of a shame - it sounded an interesting and unusual festival.