The new Brass Monkey CD - "HEAD OF STEAM" - is now available via our merchandising pages. You can order it now, even though it won't be shown there for another few days!

This is the first recording with our new trumpeter, Paul Archibald, with a repertoire of entirely traditional English songs and tunes. You can hear the whole set on our live gigs on the tour which begins today, or jusr buy it anyway!

1. The Moldavian Schottische / The Snowdrop Polka
2. The Press Gang
3. The Barbados Lady
4. Lichfield Tattoo / The Radstock Jig / The Quickstep from The Battle of Prague
5. The Trees they do Grow High
6. Banbury Bill / The Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket / The Beaux of London City / Hunt the Squirrel
7. Bold Archer / Dearest Dicky
8. The Red Lion Hornpipe / Peckett's Hornpipe / The Welch Hornpipe
9. The Loss of the Ramillies
10. Nelson, The Fallen Hero / The Death of Nelson

The CD is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and colleague Howard Evans, who played trumpet with Brass Monkey from our earliest beginnings in the 1980s until poor health overtook him a few years ago.

16 Feb 2009:  HARRY HILL'S TV BURP!
Those poor souls who missed this breathtaking performance last Saturday get a second chance tomorrow night - Tuesday February 17th, on ITV 1 at 11.05 p.m. - to witness this meeting of two great minds. It's not often you get to see a concertina- playing folkie being mauled by a prominent comedian with an artificial pig, so make the most of it!

20 Jan 2009:  JK ON TV AGAIN - BAFTAS BECKON.....
There is a new television series on BBC 2 called "VICTORIAN FARM", which depicts the farming year as it would have been in the 1880s. It's already started, showing on Thursday evenings and again on Saturdays.

The filming was done last year in Shropshire, near my rural hideaway, and I pop up as one of a group of experts who chip in (in period costume) from time to time. You can see me in the programme that covers May, singing some May Day songs and leading some games that were done at May Fairs - including a scene stealing moment singing with a pig under my arm! - and again in August belting out some Harvest songs.

The whole series of six one-hour programmes, made by Lion TV, is due to appear on DVD, and a companion coffee table book is also about to be published.

29 Oct 2008:  SAW YOU ON THE TELLY.......
I haven't been able to take more than three steps down the street without being mobbed by hysterical fans screaming that they'd seen me with Maddy Prior in her Electric Proms concert shown on BBC 4 last Friday. This was a thirty minute selection from her gig at Cecil Sharp House the previous day. There will be a one hour version broadcast on November 21st, also on BBC 4, and this very day Mike Harding's programme on Radio 2 will be dedicated to Maddy's concert, with short interviews with some of those present.

Anyone who missed it will be kicking themselves - never has a musician been caught looking downwards for so much of a performance on British television. Loads of great shots of the top of my head, specially polished for the occasion by seasoned professionals.

(Note to self: must check the balance of the JK toupé fund.)