The long-promised book of one's own compositions is racing fearlessly towards publication date. Mick Lynn, of Quarry House Publishing, is aiming at a March release. The book is going to be called "JUMP AT THE SUN", with a stunning cover to match, and has over 130 items of all shapes and sizes.

Keep watching this column for more precise news of the book's release, and how to get hold of it when the time comes.

14 Dec 2009:  VICTORIAN FARM
Just about everybody I have spoken to over the last year has revealed that they had seen and enjoyed the television series depicting the working year on a farm in the 1880s. Three brand new episodes are now being shown in the run up to Christmas, each one with a few repeats at all hours of day and night, and, as before, my cheery visage pops up now and again as a genuine Victorian folkie.

The instalment destined to be shown on Christmas Eve includes a Carol Service, where you will see a seven piece band of local worthies - mostly current or former members of The Shropshire Bedlams - pumping out some little known Shropshire tunes for some well known carols.

You can see a snippet of this straight away on the BBC Victorian Christmas website:

There will be a short period during which these two recordings from the early 1970s will not be available. Fledg'ling Records, who have been issuing the two CDs on licence from Universal Records for the last few years, have just renewed their arrangement to produce more. Unfortunately they will not be re-released until January 2010, so until then we cannot supply any copies of either title.

"THE DANCE OF THE DEMON DAFFODILS" is now available through the merchandising pages of the website, even though it may not say so for a few days! This is a CD consisting entirely of original compositions, performed on the full range of JK's push-pull squeezeboxes. One or two of the tunes have seen the light of day before, but most of these performances deliver world premieres.

The CD is aimed to tie in with the imminent appearance of "Jump at the Sun" - the John Kirkpatrick Tunebook - currently being prepared for publication by Mick Lynn of Quarry Bank Publishing. More news of this as it comes, but the book will contain over 130 tunes.

Track listing:
1. The Dance of the Demon Daffodils
2. The Black Stallion / Prasutagus
3. The Three Piece Suite
4. Leaping Jack / Living in Sin / Great Gusto
5. Puddleglum's Misery / Accordionism / Jump At The Sun
6. Chomping the Barley / The Rat-a-Tat Polka / Benders in the Vestry
7. The Henceforward Lover
8. The Three Speed Plough / The Hafren Hornpipe and a Half / Unchristmas
9. The Source of the Thames
10. Kerlebbedy's Hat-Trick / The Singing Devil / The Pineapple Patch
11. Petal of Spice / Blossom Made of Fire
12. Mrs Fox Dances / The Trout in the Crown
13. Shiner
14. Hunting the Deer / The Boar Hunters
15. Footing the Bill / An Unexpected Pleasure
16. The Fork Stuck Under the Door / Fishing on a Bicycle

Fledg'ling Records FLED 3075. 12.00 + p&p.