Anglo vs English

From The Concertina Newsletter, Issue No 4, 1969.

John Kirkpatrick writes -

"I was shocked and appalled to see in the first issue of the Concertina Newsletter, the remark that "The English is superior in every way" (i.e. to the Anglo). In a publication of this sort, aimed at specialists, and knowledgeable enthusiasts, a dogmatic assertion such as this is completely out of place.

In some ways the Anglo is undeniably superior to the English. Simple dance tunes, such as those used for Morris and Sword in this country, fall easily onto an Anglo and its single action makes for bright, gutsy music. Chords are easy to fit in to emphasise this quality, although of course, only in a very limited range of keys. Nevertheless a full 40 keyed Anglo is fully chromatic in the middle two octaves and in the hands of a competent player can achieve all the subtlety of an English, but still with the brightness which characterises the Anglo.

I am sick and tired of hearing in Folk Clubs round the country that the English is the only one of its family worth serious consideration as a musical instrument. I am more than willing to spend the rest of my life attempting to prove otherwise.