The BBC Radio 4 programme "Digital Folk", which was first broadcast in the middle of August, is to be repeated! In case any of you out there are still uncertain of Mr Kirkpatrick's presenting skills, you can make up your mind on Saturday, October 5th, at 3.30 p.m.

The programme was produced by Shrewsbury-based Chris Eldon Lee, and deals with the digitising of a huge new swathe of archives held by the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library and other such worthy institutions. For the first time, a vast amount of material can now be seen online.

As if that weren't enough, JK will also be the guest on Mark Radcliffe's Folk Show on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday October 16th at 7.00 p.m. He will talk about current projects and play three live numbers. Value for money for the license payer? Discuss.........

16 Jul 2013:  "WE WILL BE FREE!" - A new play about The Tolpuddle Martyrs.
After many years in the wilderness, I am back working in the theatre again. Neil Gore, an actor/musician I worked with a few times on plays some years ago, has written a new drama about the story of The Tolpuddle Martyrs, set in the 1830s. Out of the blue he asked me to be Musical Director. The results of our efforts will be unleashed on the public in a few days time, with a preview performance at The Tolpuddle Festival this weekend, and an official opening at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 2nd, where it runs for three weeks.

After that the company -Townsend Productions - take the play on a huge national tour. Full details are on their website, given below.

There is a cast of two - Neil himself and Liz Eves, both of whom take on a bewildering variety of roles. They both sing, and play several instruments between them, and it's been a joy working with them. The music includes several hymns, a few traditional songs, and one or two original compositions.

The company, run by Neil's wife Louise Townsend, have recently completed a massive tour of another two-hander - Neil's dramatisation of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist - to great acclaim.

"We Will Be Free" - directed by Louise Townsend and Richard Stone.

The Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish will be dancing - and eating - on Thursday April 4th in the Shropshire edition of "Ade in Britain" on ITV, at 4.00 p.m.

The teams were filmed in The National Trust's beautiful Cardingmill Valley, near Church Stretton, when the exceptionally pleasant Adrian Edmondson and his team visited the county last year. You might recognise a face or two amongst those involved, despite the cunning disguise, and even if you don't, try to catch some of this delightful series about the strange traditions that can be found in all corners of Britain.

19 Feb 2013:  PRICES IN THE SHOP
GOOD NEWS - Jump into Spring with the fabulous John Kirkpatrick Tune Book "Jump At The Sun" at its new reduced price of just 10.00 (was 13.00). With over 130 tunes packed within its pages, they work out at just over 7 pence each - and some of them must be worth at least that much!

BAD NEWS - For some time now we've been charging less for our postal rates than we should have, and now that the national charges have gone up yet again, we've had no choice but to increase our postage and packing charges in the SHOP. This is added on automatically when you buy, so there's no need to worry - just let our glorious system do the worrying for you!

The SHOP is open all day every day, and if our operatives are already busy with other customers, we absolutely guarantee that we will not play you endless ghastly music interrupted by constant reassurances of how sorry we are to keep you waiting!